Books and Battles Entry: 11/04/2015

New Book Alert: The BnB group has chosen Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard as their new choice for this month, November. You may click the link to reserve a copy of the book or visit the library to pick up extra copies from the Circulation Desk. Runner-up choices included The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, and Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin.

redLast week, our intrepid adventurers had found themselves caught in a moral dilemma: save themselves or save the hundreds who had joined the rebellion? Our adventurers were marked by runes that, if triggered, would pull the very life force from their bodies to power an ancient summoning spell. These same runes marked the rest of the rebellion.

They had a few other options available to them: they could run and weaken the spell through distance alone or they could discuss options with the Sorceress’s less-than-happy drow subordinate, Dalygus. They chose to speak with Dalygus.

They discovered the drow marking runes on the tunnel walls bordering the prison. These runes, explosive markings that could be set off by magic or a reactant element, were being placed on the WRONG side of the prison walls. Before they had a chance to convert Dalygus to their cause, the team was interrupted by the black-clad thief. While the thief and Dalygus argued, Noralor noticed a length of long black hair expose itself from beneath the thief’s hood. Unfortunately, Noralor could make nothing of this.

“Hey guys,” said Noralor. “The thief has hair.”

It was Bob who realized that the length of hair matched the descriptions of the sorceress and made quick work to attempt to distract the sorceress through his mighty powers of… seduction?

More effective was Noralor’s wolf, who nipped Dalygus’s hand and destroyed the rune placed there. Free from the sorceress’s power, Dalygus fled. An angry sorceress followed and a slightly-enamored Bob followed after.

A series of events quickly followed. Flekt burned the party’s rune-markings to destroy their power. Bob was attacked by Kieran, the half-cat, half-snake Eidolon of the sorceress. He fled back to the party, who got caught up in the fight. The party tried to shoot Bob.

In the distance, an angry shriek pierced the halls, followed by a powerful incantation. Rats fled from the direction of the sorceress in waves, their minds speaking directly into all passers-by the words, “Burn the runes! Burn the runes!” Charlie, whose special ability allowed her to hear the voices of the dead, heard an awful cacophony of screams that faded into nothingness in the tombs beyond the tunnels.

The world split open, a jagged hole hanging in the air beside the Eidolon. Emerging from the nothingness was a baby T-Rex, not two days old.

The party’s reaction?

“I WANT IT,” said Sipele.

With quick work by the company, the Eidolon half-snake, half-cat creature was destroyed. During that time, Bob took a nap, Biskut was poisoned (again), and three more baby T-Rex’s and a Pteranodon appeared out of nothingness.

The only one who seemed slightly concerned about this change of events was Charlie, who consistently tried to inform the party.

“Hello? Why is no one freaking out that there are DINOSAURS appearing out of nowhere?” she said amongst a number of arguments concerning what they should name the dinosaurs.

In the end, the Pteranodon escaped, but the T-Rex’s were put under control by Noralor’s gifts with animals. They were subsequently fed with escaping convicts.

We ended the session with some primary questions unanswered. For example, how many people were able to escape death by the runes? And how powerful did the spell end up being? Next game, we explore the outside world and its possible destruction.

Looking forward to our next meeting, happening this Saturday, November 14th, at 12pm in the Library!


Books and Battles Entry: 10/05/2015

Several weeks ago, our adventurers survived the tombs only to arrive at the main sewage line, an underground river that many dissatisfied illegals have used to escape the city. Here our adventurers met a new friend, an intrepid dwarf who has been helping KRrrl assist escapees. Because their new friend had been stood up by his latest passengers, he joined our group with a bit of persuasion by Fleckt.

The team went directly to meet the thief of the ruby stones. While the barbarian Biskut and the new dwarf friend were able to either hide in plain sight or look inconspicuous, the rest of the team were caught up in the mystery of the arriving thief and setting potential traps. This mysterious character had stolen the rubies by order of the sorceress while said rubies were in the keeping of a gnome lawyer also under the employ of the sorceress. Is anyone telling the truth?

Negotiations with the thief went downhill quickly. The mysterious character demanded that the team join the sorceress’s rebellion in exchange for the ruby. Noralor agreed, in so many words. The thief made quick work of branding the rest of the team despite Noralor’s deft verbal gymnastics.

Now most of the team is held hostage by sorcery. They quickly went to work researching options for a way out of their predicament. Charlie went to the library and got lost thanks to her keen directional sense. Fortunately, she also overheard a terrifying conversation between the sorceress herself and her subordinate drow. She learned that the runes that brand the rebellion are also the same runes that trap and suck the energy from the souls in the crypt. The rest of the team discovers that they can break their bonds by defacing the rune that is branded on them. With this information, the group intends to break their bonds while defacing the runes in the crypt at the same time.

Will they succeed in escaping the city before the sorceress summons another dimension? Can they stop her at all?

Find out next entry.

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