Books and Battles Entry: 11/17/2015

This campaign began with cupcakes and ended with a one-armed enchanter making Bob lose intelligence points.

The team sent Noralor, Sipele, and their newly adorable T-Rexes back to their room at the bar and inn located in the lower slums. Noralor recommended that, to save them all some pain, the party should shoot Bob. Ignoring this statement, they decided to explore the emptied jail near their last place of battle.

The Outside World

In the jail, they retrieved Noralor’s lost items, including her bow and arrow, and looked out the barred windows to the chaotic outside world.

The sky outside the jail was dark, black clouds tearing open with spots of flame. Figures cut through the clouds, all angles and edges. Bob identified them as dragons and drakes and wyverns. The streets outside were empty of human or elven life. Crows sat along the edges of the rooftops. Cats with scales poking out between their fur devoured any bird unlucky enough to touch ground, although the birds were twice their size. Across the street, the courthouse was missing part of its roof. Replacing the roof section on the courthouse was a giant gelatinous blob the color of radioactive limes.

Into this chaos, ran Bob.

Coming down the street was a creature that moved with a lava blob forming its base and tentacled arms waving without bone structure or reason. A single eye protruded from one of these fast-moving tentacles. Lava trailed behind it in a molten slime.

Bob noticed this creature, attempted to imitate it to prevent it from getting closer to him, and ended up mocking it horribly. Its eyes zoned in on him and the battle began.

The party seemed hesitant to fight for Bob, but when he ran back inside, he forced them to take action. Biskut and their new dwarven friend rushed out to attack it only to discover that despite being a slow walker, its arms had 15 ft. reach. One attack by the creature turned Biskut into a cursed blob. Charlie begrudgingly removed the curse only for their dwarven friend to be cursed into a blob next.

After hacking and slashing and a considerable amount of water being dumped on the creature by Flekt, the party defeated the monster to much happiness.

The Library

Bob decided to go to the library near the courthouse and Biskut attacked a cat to get some of its teeth. The cat’s face peeled back to expose rows of teeth in a face made of petal-like flaps. She successfully turned it into jam and learned that the Chaos Plane creatures were cannibals.

Once all were in the library, Bob discovered an index that floated in the air as an open book and led them to his desired book, How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.The party asked what order the books were in and they soon discovered that all the books in the library were organized by purchase date. All were aghast.

Biskut took charge next and demanded that the book show them information about the Chaos Plane. It went up and she followed it using the magic broom she received from an old hag in the slums market.

It brought her to a special Chaos Plane section, where the bookshelves turned loopy and it looked like eyes of indeterminate color stared out at her between the spaces of the books. It stopped on a shelf that held a single picture book, which Biskut took. When she attempted to read it, she saw only pictures and could keep none of them strictly in her mind. She attempted and succeeded a Constitution roll to keep one image locked in her mind for a time. She barely made it back down to tell the others what the image was like when she started to shake with unknown tremors, as if the image itself was trying to shake itself loose of her.

The image she saw was this: a boy with dark hair, not more than 17 years old, holding out his hands. Silver blood coated his arms.

The party went to the back of the library where Charlie had overheard the Sorceress talking with Dalygus a few games back and found Dalygus in a room beyond the shelves, missing an arm.

Charlie healed him. Without saying thank you, he began to insult the party and ask what they were doing in his office. He had been forced to cut off his arm when the spell was cast due to the poor job they had done to destroy the rune on it. The team discovered that not only was Dalygus one of the most gifted enchanters in the PhD of Magic program at the elven university, but he also had once dated the Sorceress when she was also studying for her degree.

They discovered the Sorceress had been kicked out of the university for killing her academic adviser. Charlie latched onto the fact that Dalygus had once dated the Sorceress, but when she pried further, he enchanted her to believing him to be their ally.

The party was then informed that the Sorceress had holed up in the palace, probably after killing the entire royal family. When Bob noticed something seemed off with their new ally, Dalygus enchanted him to be dumb.

That was end of this Books and Battle Program. Each person received 300 Experience Points and Biskut received extra for killing a cat and discovering the image of the boy in the Chaos Plane book.

Next Books and Battle Campaign was November 23, 2015 at 4:00PM.


Books and Battles Entry: 11/04/2015

New Book Alert: The BnB group has chosen Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard as their new choice for this month, November. You may click the link to reserve a copy of the book or visit the library to pick up extra copies from the Circulation Desk. Runner-up choices included The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, and Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin.

redLast week, our intrepid adventurers had found themselves caught in a moral dilemma: save themselves or save the hundreds who had joined the rebellion? Our adventurers were marked by runes that, if triggered, would pull the very life force from their bodies to power an ancient summoning spell. These same runes marked the rest of the rebellion.

They had a few other options available to them: they could run and weaken the spell through distance alone or they could discuss options with the Sorceress’s less-than-happy drow subordinate, Dalygus. They chose to speak with Dalygus.

They discovered the drow marking runes on the tunnel walls bordering the prison. These runes, explosive markings that could be set off by magic or a reactant element, were being placed on the WRONG side of the prison walls. Before they had a chance to convert Dalygus to their cause, the team was interrupted by the black-clad thief. While the thief and Dalygus argued, Noralor noticed a length of long black hair expose itself from beneath the thief’s hood. Unfortunately, Noralor could make nothing of this.

“Hey guys,” said Noralor. “The thief has hair.”

It was Bob who realized that the length of hair matched the descriptions of the sorceress and made quick work to attempt to distract the sorceress through his mighty powers of… seduction?

More effective was Noralor’s wolf, who nipped Dalygus’s hand and destroyed the rune placed there. Free from the sorceress’s power, Dalygus fled. An angry sorceress followed and a slightly-enamored Bob followed after.

A series of events quickly followed. Flekt burned the party’s rune-markings to destroy their power. Bob was attacked by Kieran, the half-cat, half-snake Eidolon of the sorceress. He fled back to the party, who got caught up in the fight. The party tried to shoot Bob.

In the distance, an angry shriek pierced the halls, followed by a powerful incantation. Rats fled from the direction of the sorceress in waves, their minds speaking directly into all passers-by the words, “Burn the runes! Burn the runes!” Charlie, whose special ability allowed her to hear the voices of the dead, heard an awful cacophony of screams that faded into nothingness in the tombs beyond the tunnels.

The world split open, a jagged hole hanging in the air beside the Eidolon. Emerging from the nothingness was a baby T-Rex, not two days old.

The party’s reaction?

“I WANT IT,” said Sipele.

With quick work by the company, the Eidolon half-snake, half-cat creature was destroyed. During that time, Bob took a nap, Biskut was poisoned (again), and three more baby T-Rex’s and a Pteranodon appeared out of nothingness.

The only one who seemed slightly concerned about this change of events was Charlie, who consistently tried to inform the party.

“Hello? Why is no one freaking out that there are DINOSAURS appearing out of nowhere?” she said amongst a number of arguments concerning what they should name the dinosaurs.

In the end, the Pteranodon escaped, but the T-Rex’s were put under control by Noralor’s gifts with animals. They were subsequently fed with escaping convicts.

We ended the session with some primary questions unanswered. For example, how many people were able to escape death by the runes? And how powerful did the spell end up being? Next game, we explore the outside world and its possible destruction.

Looking forward to our next meeting, happening this Saturday, November 14th, at 12pm in the Library!

Books and Battles Entry: 10/05/2015

Several weeks ago, our adventurers survived the tombs only to arrive at the main sewage line, an underground river that many dissatisfied illegals have used to escape the city. Here our adventurers met a new friend, an intrepid dwarf who has been helping KRrrl assist escapees. Because their new friend had been stood up by his latest passengers, he joined our group with a bit of persuasion by Fleckt.

The team went directly to meet the thief of the ruby stones. While the barbarian Biskut and the new dwarf friend were able to either hide in plain sight or look inconspicuous, the rest of the team were caught up in the mystery of the arriving thief and setting potential traps. This mysterious character had stolen the rubies by order of the sorceress while said rubies were in the keeping of a gnome lawyer also under the employ of the sorceress. Is anyone telling the truth?

Negotiations with the thief went downhill quickly. The mysterious character demanded that the team join the sorceress’s rebellion in exchange for the ruby. Noralor agreed, in so many words. The thief made quick work of branding the rest of the team despite Noralor’s deft verbal gymnastics.

Now most of the team is held hostage by sorcery. They quickly went to work researching options for a way out of their predicament. Charlie went to the library and got lost thanks to her keen directional sense. Fortunately, she also overheard a terrifying conversation between the sorceress herself and her subordinate drow. She learned that the runes that brand the rebellion are also the same runes that trap and suck the energy from the souls in the crypt. The rest of the team discovers that they can break their bonds by defacing the rune that is branded on them. With this information, the group intends to break their bonds while defacing the runes in the crypt at the same time.

Will they succeed in escaping the city before the sorceress summons another dimension? Can they stop her at all?

Find out next entry.

Books and Battles Entry: 9/28/2015

The day is September 18, 2015, and four of our greatest warriors are trapped in a crypt. It started out easily enough. Noralor, the half-drow ranger, knew where he was going, but he did not have the magical sense to know when he was leading the group into a a maze wrought out of pure spellcraft. Four out the total group of seven had found themselves in a deeper, darker part of the crypt, shadows altering every movement by the light cast from their flickering torches.

Charlie, stepping daintily among dust and filth, is the first one to cast Light to eliminate the shadows and evaluate their problem, but Flekt, the wild-haired draconic gnome, is the one who notices the magical runes burnt in massive formations along the sides of the walls. With a quick Read Magic, she informs her group that this spell is a summoning spell, but nothing like any of the simple spells she has seen in the past. Whatever this spell means to summon, it is more than just a handful of monsters. The size of the runes alone reveals that this spell could summon a whole plane of existence to collide with their own.

The company groans in unison. This is not good news. As they look for a way out, they find the runes have covered every wall of this ancient tomb.

“Whoever would need to cast that spell would need a big sacrifice, right guys? Right?” Noralor seems like he is figuring something out.

Then they come across the dead drow. He has been murdered at least 24 hours ago, Flekt observes, by a massive swarm of rats. The rats’ tracks are so thick that Noralor is barely able to see the slithering track of a giant snake and human-shaped footprints beside them. The human barbarian with a mysterious past, Biskut, starts having an intense conversation with herself as her companions start to strip the dead drow. Her companions discover he had a very nice shovel as well as precious jewelry and a nice leather jerkin, which Noralor confiscates with glee. Biskut begins to do dental work on the dead man. The others completely ignore her and try to talk to, empathize, and feed the horde of rats in the tombs.

Suddenly, Biskut demands to know if the dead man’s soul is around. Charlie, with an elegant flourish starts screaming, “DEAD PERSON. HELLOOO. RECENTLY DECEASED PERSON PLEASE RAISE YOUR INCORPOREAL ARM.”

She notes to her observers that the crypts seem to have captured souls in their walls. The recently deceased soul, waiting patiently for someone to notice him, jumps at the chance to communicate. Biskut starts putting the dead drow’s teeth on a necklace and draws a symbol on his hands.

Charlie guides the soul with large arm movements and slow talking back into the body, where it catches.

The body reforms. The human shape is retained everywhere but the face, which transforms into a saber-toothed rat head. He splutters back into corporeal existence and starts gibbering in half-rat, half-Common.

“Hey, it was my first time.” Biskut shrugs.

Flekt is the only one who can understand the entirety of what the half-drow says, but Noralor certainly tries. A few insults about eachother’s moms and Flekt manages to bring the conversation back to who killed the drow.

“Another drow,” says the undead drow-rat. “And a snake with ears. The drow made a horrible shrieking noise and all the rats came at me.” He points to the gash in a rune on the wall that looks like it was made by a shovel and recently repaired. “It took me being dead to realize it was because I messed up the rune.”

After a few more insults are tossed half-understood between the drow-rat named Krawk and Noralor and Bob, the drow-rat is convinced to show them the way out of Kings Crypt. Unfortunately, he ends up insulting the rats in rat-speak and they come back to reformed into the Rat King to kill the entire team.

Krawk is viciously murder by Bob, who seems to have taken a great dislike towards the creature during their brief acquaintance. Biskut cheers at this turn of events and is bitten by the Rat King and contracts the Bubonic Plague. Flekt is also bitten and obtains the Plague. After its defeat, Flekt is on the verge of death and time is running out. The midnight hour is drawing close.

Will the team survive to meet the thief who stole the rubies from their gnome lawyer and, in turn, the sorceress herself? What type of game is that crazy sorceress up to?

Find out next Monday from 5pm-7pm at Lee Memorial Library.