Books and Battles Entry: 1/9/16


The entire group heads out of the Bitter Blade, taking a deep breath of fresh air. They all then head over to the Laughing Goblin to get Bambang a Simple University Card.

The rest of the group walks to Nat Wyler’s and once they enter the bar, they realized that there is no one performing. With an empty stage ahead of her, Corrona takes it up and simply lays down on the stage, spreading out all of her feather boas. Everyone in the tavern snaps their appreciation, observing her silently.

Back at the bar, Cal orders the largest bowl of gravy that Nat Wyler’s sells. When the barmaid puts his gold away it sounds like there is a significant amount of other coins there. The group debates whether or not to steal the money, and if so, how. They decide to call over Corrona and let her steal the gold while the rest of the group distracts the barmaid by asking questions.

The group learns that there is an office in Nat Wyler’s for the barmaid in the same room that leads downstairs to the underground market. They also find out that Elias would be downstairs in the market if anywhere during his free time. She does not let them into her office, even though Cal tries his classy grin.

Meanwhile, Corrona  reaches behind the bar to get the gold. But she slips, her arm plunging into the bowl, bringing Flekt down with her. The barmaid notices and but she does not realize what Corrona tried to do. The party awkwardly waddles out of Nat Wyler’s, dragging the explanation-heavy Flekt with them.

On the other side of town, Bob walks outside of the Cracked Crown to pet his new horse, Johnson. Bob then heads over to the castle to plan the coronation party with Charlie. He is let into the castle and he waits the huge dining hall where Charlie looks to be planning her party. There are hundreds of papers splayed across the immense table, but the only things written there seem to be “Pink. Blue. Fluffy dress? Short?”. Bob grabs a quill and writes, “Chandelier full of diamond candles”.

As he is in the room, Jonathan is escorted in by the guard who let Bob in and they discuss, among other things, the death of the King and the Queen. Jonathan seems suddenly uncomfortable, and he moves to go back up to his room and continue packing. Though Bob follows him, Jonathan eventually gets away with his guards blocking the hallway. Bob is escorted out of the castle.

Bob then speaks to a few of the local barmaids and finds out that the King and Queen were killed by multiple stabs to the chest, supposedly the cause of all the blood in the King and Queen’s room.


Downstairs, there is a mass of screaming girls in front of one of the smaller candy stores. During food day, the smells of raw meat, vegetables, and cheese overwhelm the party. But they surge towards the fan girls, hoping that they lead the way to Elias.

“Oi! Get out of the way!” Flekt yells, but to no avail.

Cal tries a smolder on the girls and though a few turn around, they are quickly bored and turn back to the candy store.

Finally, Po steps up to the girls and persuades them: “Elias just left through the back door of the candy store. He’s headed back to Nat Wyler’s now.”

“Hey, he’s right!” one of the girls exlaims, “And the Bard has to get upstairs at some point! Let’s go wait for him!”

To the relief of the entire market, the flood of girls rushes towards the ladder and they all leave.

Inside, the candy store is smaller than it seemed at first. The walls are lined with hundreds of removable baskets, and they look easy to replace day by day. There are bright lights inside, lighting up the entire store. And although there were quite a few girls outside its doors a minute ago, this candy store only has three people in it. Even the cashier is in the back, sounding like they are sorting things.

“Hey, guys,” Elias says, suddenly noticing his old comrades. “Long time no see, eh?”

“Let’s get to it,” Cal commands, stepping closer to Elias. “Where’s your cello friend?”

“Cello friend? I’ve got not the slightest,” Elias says honestly, starting to shake in his boots. “He just joined me on stage and I started playing with him.”

“LIAR!” the rest of the party screamed, but they all, for some reason, believe Elias.

“Fine, then. Why were you in the Bitter Blade?” Cal demands, staring Elias down.

But Elias did not respond, causing Cal to take drastic measures. Cal picked Elias up by his front shirt and that got him talking. The group scared out the last few people in the store and finds out that Elias is part of some kind of plan with Maven, but Maven is smart; he did not put all of his eggs in one basket.

A few of the notes for his plans are with Elias, but all the correspondence between them were supposed to be burned, and Elias only found someone else to carry out Maven’s plans. Elias does reveal that he hired a younger boy names Soares to try and steal some documents for the plans. He needed to steal from the library, the Welbelove’s, and the Foss’, which he did. Then, as Elias told the group, Soares ran– or should be running— all the way to Dyinglight to meet a deadline of 10 days. That is, 7 days by the time the group hears about it. Because then, at the end of the 10 days, Soares will be taken to the Land of the Linnorn Kings to meet with Maven.

Without missing a beat, the group drops Elias to the ground, commands him to promise to not tell anyone else about Maven’s plans, and to stay in Razmiran.  They find out the daily market schedule:

weapons — food — clothing — animals — magic — small materials — left overs

The entire party then walks to the library, catching up with Bob in the process.


Back in Mumbledore’s library, the group of adventurers feels at home. While Corrona and Bambang avidly look for Cassra, the librarian, the rest of the party decides on which books to check out and Bob reads a book about the general history of the world.

A few inquiries and persuasions later and the group finds out that Mumbledore’s library has a book club that plays tabletop games. They read a book every month and then play a game based on that book. This month’s book is titled The False Prince.

Then Cassra claims that Soares does work at the library, but that he is sick and has been since a few days after the documents were stolen from the library. He has yet to come back to the library and the library itself does not keep track of people’s addresses because Soares was somewhat of a volunteer and Cassra needs anyone and everyone to help out with the library. Even if that means not getting their address.

The group then decides to join the book club and just after Cassra allows them to join it, Biskut knocks over a book shelf while trying to steal a book. As the first shelf is slowly tipping, the anticipation builds– then suddenly– dominoes.

Half the library crashes down with just one stolen book, and Cassra commands everyone in the party to leave the library. Some of them do, however, get away with checked out books:

Corrona checks out a book on Orcish which she does not plan on returning and Flekt checked out a book on cats. Biskut, however, stole a book on oceans.

After getting kicked out of the library, the group heads back to the Cracked Crown. Bob recognizes some of the men in the front of the inn from the night before, but they have all had one too many. The entire group rents rooms in groups of two and they all rest for the next day.


How will the group get to Dyinglight in time? Will Elias join them or stay in town? Will the barmaid in Nat Wyler’s keep her money safe? Will Charlie’s coronation even happen? KEY WHO?!

Find out during the next Books and Battles on January 18th.


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