The rag-tag team of adventurers recollected themselves after the Mudman attack. KRrrl and the rest of the orphaned children float further downstream to safety while the party stays on the muddy bank.

They start to walk into the thick forest, Flekt immediately casting a lighting spell so everyone can see. A sign comes into view, written in crude handwriting in almost every language possible, with one meaning:


The group is not phased by this, however, and, with her newly adopted child on her back, Corrona expertly climbs up a tree. She finds a note between the branches that looks like it was blown up there by the wind, and reads it, but decides not to share it with the rest of the group.

Further down the trail there was a smaller trail leading away, and Cal recognized it as the trail to the adviser’s house. The rest of the party followed him and Corrona did a triple flip across the trees to stay above the ground.

The adviser’s house was obviously ransacked, with furniture shoved at different angles and most of the valuable things already looted. The kitchen was still stocked with food, however, and after Charlie purified it all, everyone had a snack.

Cal, Flekt, and Charlie each find different parts of what looks to be the same diary. The last page is covered in blood and unfinished, a sentence trailing off at the end. Charlie also finds a detailed map in a map room, and she felt like it was familiar, but she couldn’t remember why.

While the rest of the group was searching the house, Corrona and Bob tried to climb the roof. Corrona made the climb easily, since she was on the trees before, though Bob failed miserably multiple times. And when Corrona jumped down from the roof, she twisted her wrist. But it healed easily and Corrona was not deterred from climbing with her daughter on her back.

After everyone took their own souvenir from the house, they decided to go back onto the main road and to the city of Razmiran.


Just as the party saw the lights of the city at midday, Noralor stopped to make a speech.

“I’m not so sure about this city,” he said. “I’m going to have to leave you here.”

Instead of a tear-filled goodbye, the only response was that Sippele¬†demanded her dinosaur stay with her and Charlie begged for a dinosaur of her own. Unfortunately, none of the dinosaurs wanted to leave Noralor except for Sippele’s, and so Noralor walked into the forest without leaving any footprints behind him. Momo followed, and the three dinosaurs awkwardly followed suit.

All that remained was his infamous bottle of sparkles (which Bob took instantly).


Finally reaching the city, the adventurers decided to split up. Po and Bob walked into the Laughing Goblin and tried to persuade the innkeeper to give them information, but the female elf there at the time said she “never stopped working” and that if they wanted to have a good time to go to Nat Wyler’s across the street.

Flekt, Cal, and Charlie walked towards Podol Plaza to look for some clothing shops. They found nothing but a statue, but the people in the plaza started starring at the trio. After a few sentences with one of the locals, everyone in the plaza started to bow down to Charlie.

Bored by the silence of the locals, Flekt, Cal, Po, Bambang, Corrona, and Bob walked towards Mumbledore’s library.

The speaking door on the library made some good jokes, and everyone had a laugh, however the group could not figure out how to get the door to open.

Failing to open the door made Corrona and Bob so annoyed that they both wandered over to the animal keep to the north of Razmiran. There they saw cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and many more animals. Seeing Corrona jump the fence, Bob decided to do the same. Then it became a race to steal a horse, and after multiple failed attempts on both parts, Bob eventually got on the back of a horse named Johnson. Reluctantly Johnson carried Bob away from the pen, though just as they started to trot away, a group of people from the farmhouse noticed and started to run outside.

How does Mumbledore’s door open? Why did everyone bow down at Podol Plaza? What’s in Nat Wyler’s? Will Bob get to keep Johnson?

Find out next at the Books & Battles, December 26th.


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