Books and Battles Entry: 12/12/2015

The Beginning and the End

The sorceress is gone. Forever. She has left behind mass destruction and hundreds of Chaos creatures to roam the lands, but she is gone. Her sons remain behind. Cal, the honest paladin, joins the party. Maven, the Gravemaster, has vanished in the air.

Dalygus is dead and no one is bringing him back. Noralor regrets everything, although he is no longer spelled.

In the main hall, they find their lawyer gnome still alive, fending off the baby T-Rexes. The party threatens him, but he bribes them with knowledge that there is an heir to the throne still alive. This heir married at a far off coastal town named Razmiran and had one child. Although he knows that the heir and his wife are now dead, he has heard rumours that the child still lives.

The party decides to leave this city and travel to the coastal town, taking a pit-stop at the cabin in the woods Dalygus and Maven talked about. The lawyer gnome is strapped to the back of a T-Rex. As they walk through the remains of Iadara they find that the storm clouds are dissipating and spreading out beyond the borders of the city. The dragons are no longer fighting so close. People have begun to step outside their doors and view what is left. A dragon lies on the ground, a shattered building beneath its corpse.

The party guts and skins the corpse. Flekt attempts to teach the T-Rexes how to carry something, but they are only two days old and do not understand anything. They follow Noralor’s basic instructions to drag the dragon skin behind them.

Once they reach the underground river, they find many refugees in line waiting for the boats that are sent out by KRrrl. While threatening people in line, they meet a new party member, Red the slightly-amorous wizard. He is already a threat to the party’s females in bad pick-up lines.

Noralor negotiates for the transportation of the party and the T-Rexes in exchange for the dragon skin. They make it to the dock with little interruption. Corrona, the half-elf rogue, convinces a 6-year old Halfling to join their party. When they disembark the tiny child is captured by a Mudman.

The party defeats the Mudmen and Bob mourns them when they dissipate back into mud despite their not having any intelligence or soul. The halfling child lives and the party begins to make their way through the forest to the cabin of the sorceress’s murdered advisor.

The next game is December 19, 2015.


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