Welcome to the Tangent

This webpage is the Teen Advisory Group sanctuary of Lee Memorial Library. Outsiders may contribute, but our primary posters are local teens who want to make a difference in their community. All ideas are welcome. On this site, you can post volunteer program ideas, book lists, craft ideas, short stories, poetry, social commentary, and book reviews.

We have a few rules:

  1. You must be at least 13 years of age to post on this site.
  2. Do not post personal information. This is a public site and all users should be referred to by their alias.
  3. Posts should reflect thoughtful insight and professionalism. Any negligent comments or inappropriate reviews will be deleted and their poster sent a warning message. Continuous abuse of this site will result in the banning of the poster.
  4. All posts will be reviewed according to the Lee Memorial Library Social Media Procedure.

Please contact kids@allendale.bccls.org if you have any questions concerning these rules. For volunteers, writing a blog post can add to your hours if properly tagged. This is a contributing web page to the Outstanding Book Challenge at NHRHS.

This is the place teens make things happen. What have you done recently?


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